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Opening: The Computational Soft Matter Group welcomes competitive and enthusiastic applicants to conduct cutting-edge research at HKUST. Interested persons with theoretical or computational background in Applied Mathematics, Physics, Biophysics, Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering, or Chemical Engineering are encouraged to send enquiries to Rui's email address at ruizhang[at]ust[dot]hk.


This world is fluidic. Liquid phase exists ubiquitously, from the cores of stars that are tirelessly lightening our universe, to the seas on the earth that breed life and moist withered lands, and to the human's body that embeds the deepest secrets of life. By extending our physical understanding of simple fluids, such as water and air, to complex fluids with microstructures, such as anisotropic liquids, colloids, suspensions, and active matter, we begin to appreciate and approach the complexity of nature. Our group adopts phenomenological and molecular models to explain unknown mechanisms that underlie the intriguing phenomena, make testable predictions for experimental systems, and design novel materials and machines for practical applications. Our research is multidisciplinary, covering different fields in science and engineering. The benefits of our research would be that we learn and mimic the brilliance of nature and engineer our own machines to meet the needs for the next generation and address human's grand challenges in health, energy and environment.

The Computational Soft Matter Group is proudly supported by the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong, Guangdong Natural Science Foundation, and ASPIRE League.

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